survival model. GEAR BLADE 240 is now on sale.

August 01, 2022

GEAR BLADE 240 Camp Saw Kansai Saw

The national defense colors raise the camper's tension.
survival model. This is a replaceable blade saw for outdoor use.
With a blade length of 240 mm, you can easily cut firewood and fallen branches for bonfires and stoves. It comes with a case and can be carried and stored, making it easy to carry around the mountains and fields. The saw blade is a thin 0.7mm thick blade that is easy to cut through dry wood. Impact hardened cutting edge ensures long lasting cutting. The grip is wrapped in soft resin (elastomer) to fit your hand, so you won't get tired even when working for long periods of time. The series of replacement blades has blades for various purposes such as pruning, fine pruning, extra fine pruning, temporary frames, crafts, bamboo sawing, and iron cutting. A variety of replacement blades can be used with one main body.

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