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amenoma Camp plate solo (maple/cherry/walnut)

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A cooking plate that can be used on both sides.

Natural wood finish. Camp plate solo (maple/cherry/walnut).

Make cooking scenes more fun while camping.
A camping cooking plate that can be used on both sides as a cutting board for cutting ingredients and a solo plate with a mug holder. A size that is easy to use outdoors with consideration for usability and storage. Work can be done stably with a plate thickness of 20 mm. Comes with a hole for hanging using a brass rod. You can use the S-shaped hook to hang it on a hanging rack, etc. to keep it cool on site. A natural wood plate made from a single piece of wood. Part of the fun of brass is how it deteriorates over time.
There are three types of Camp plate solo: relatively white maple, tan cherry, and brown walnut . All made from a single piece of natural wood. One side can be used as a cutting board and the other side can be used as a plate. Can be used as a one-person plate or as a plate with meat, salad, etc. Place a mug filled with coffee in the holder and cut a hot sandwich on that side to use as a breakfast plate. It can be used in a variety of ways both outdoors and at home.

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This is a collaboration product between Tumugu brand's Ikutomo Woodworking Co., Ltd. and amenoma. We have developed a camping cooking plate that is compact, functional, and cool to use . The cup holder is large enough to hold a Snow Peak Mug 300 or Sierra Cup. (Can accommodate cup bottoms up to 75Φ) Also has a hole for a hook using a brass rod for cool storage. Store it by hanging it on a hanging rack.
Maintenance is essential for long-term use. If the surface becomes discolored or rough with each use, we recommend maintenance with a drying oil such as linseed oil or walnut oil. The color is also back. Beeswax wax is also recommended, although it does have a bit of a smell.


Camp plate solo


Length 160mm, width 250mm, board thickness 20mm, cup hole 80Φ


Approximately 470-570g


Natural wood (maple/cherry/walnut)
Brass rod/box